Values & Culture

At LeadingX2, we have the people wisdom to build consensus around values and follow through to shape your culture. We also have the experience to do it with the most efficient use of your scarce time.

Developing Values

To shape an excellent culture.

Everyone knows that culture and values matter. If culture is allowed to “just happen,” what can ensue? Unnecessary conflicts, costly impasses, confusion and disaffected employees – especially young talent – who up and leave. Values are the key to culture, but an executive retreat that generates supposedly shared values for business cards and the website simply does not have the power to create culture.

Shaping culture requires:


Genuine involvement of the entire team.

We have the expertise to channel the work you do together into building culture.


Visible and believable data.

Participants can validate our findings with our transparent process to collect and synthesize results.


Integration into the work.

We support you through implementation so you feel confident in the staying power of your shared values.


Leaders who are models.

We share best practices to ensure that your leaders can become credible beacons of your culture.

The end result will allow you to attract, hire and retain the best employees; create a stronger sense of pride and resilience to do the work; make decisions that are aligned with your highest aspirations; and create the foundation to sustain your organization’s success for decades ahead.

What I most appreciated about the values discovery process was…

What participants say:

“The ability to connect with people across the organization on something personal and meaningful.”

“The connectedness it brought us.”

“The effectiveness of the small group process.”

“The consistency around the values and inclusion, with everyone forming the values.”

“Vocalizing the shared values we already knew but never specifically talked about.”

“You were able to take a tough exercise and make it both manageable and understandable.”

T A L K  T H E  T A L K

Give voice to your values.

Uncovering your firm’s set of shared values is a crucial step in building organizational strength, clarity, and vitality.

We steer a process that involves every employee clarifying their personal values, sharing those values with others, and together building a set of shared values that represent both what your organization is and what your organization most aspires to be.

In the process, your entire firm translates these shared values into specific behavioral norms that establish your “Way.” This Way can then provide the basis to guide all aspects of your organization’s work, from onboarding to termination, from recognition of great performance to resolution of the thorniest issues.

The steady pace of our process creates a sustained sense of progress for employees, and will be tailored to match what works for your organization as it goes about its essential work. The inclusive small group structure of our conversations yield collective ownership with highly efficient use of your time.

Uncover the shared values that guide your organization.

Include all voices  in your organization.

Build a deeper sense of team connection.

Name behaviors that stem from each value.

Align personal values to your shared values.

What are you enthused to tell your friends, interns and new colleagues?

What participants say:

“The bottom-up process was intentional from the beginning, and management invested in this. This is a set of values that we have agreed on as an organization.”

The organization cares enough to take the time to try to articulate who we are, what we value… Not only are we trying to be more equitable, we’re also self-aware and wanting to do something about this.”

“That [our organization] took the time and energy to go through this process and include our entire staff and that our values now drive our culture.”

Track progress & opportunities for improvement.

Draft internal & external strategic communication.

Integrate & reinforce firm DEIJ Initiatives.

Recognize & celebrate firm culture carriers.

Name behaviors that stem from each value.

W A L K  T H E  W A L K

Bring your values to life.

The next critical step is to weave these shared values deep into culture. Your firm’s Way must be consistent and evident across all aspects of firm culture and process.

LeadingX2 assists you in taking the great and hard work you did as an organization and bring it to fruition. We ensure that that your firm is actively upholding its shared values, and that your shared values are also generating significant benefit in organization-wide productivity, commitment, and cohesion. Our customizable 360-feedback assessment lets you integrate values and ideal behaviors into goal-setting conversations across the org chart.


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