Students come back to me or write to me: “Professor Mulhern (or usually, Dan), my manager clearly never took your class!” And they explain.  Many of these alums quit within 18, 12, even less than 6 months. Yes, they are “millennials,” but believe me, the supervisor tales they tell are unbelievably sad.  And the scary thing is these debilitated young people often work for top flight consulting firms, for firms that teach leadership development, and even for organizations that teach others how to create a culture that people want to work in.

So, when my friend Cathy who trains for the state department asked if I would ask you for input as she’s about to teach a class on “front line supervision,” I thought: YES! Let’s do this. Let’s get some data from my great readers.

So, I have crafted a SUPER short survey, asking you to answer one (or both) of two questions:

  1. What are the top 3-5 things you want(ed) from a front line supervisor for you to be successful?
  2. How important (1-10 scale) were specific supervisor behaviors are in terms of how essential you think they are.

Of course I will share your feedback with you next week, and Cathy has offered to share the feedback she is getting; she has asked her state department supervisors what they believe they need to be great front-line supervisors.

Thanks for helping us all to

Lead with our best selves.