How do we do it?

No pair is the same, so we always customize. But we begin with this proven process:


We meet with each of you independently, so that we can deeply understand your perspectives. We must understand:

  • How you are perceiving yourself and your colleague
  • Your desired outcomes for the organization, your partnership, and yourself
  • Your honest concerns about what is going wrong and
  • How we can be sure that in our process together we protect you strategically, financially, and emotionally. As with the Hippocratic Oath: We first do no harm!


We administer two instruments so that we can develop a clear picture of your views on your colleague’s and your own: preferences, values, styles, etc.


We bring you together for 2 days, generally split over two meetings, about a week apart. We build the essentials of a great partnership: Sharing deep purpose, negotiating the best mix of roles, fully capitalizing on your respective strengths and managing your respective and collective weaknesses, and practicing the kind of dialogue that will keep you on the same productive page.


We follow this up by getting together three times at intervals of 2 weeks, then 3-4 weeks, and then 2 months to honestly take stock of progress and challenges, and to reinforce or extend the learning to build a powerful partnership. We will help not only strength the two of you, but support you so that your renewed clarity and communication patterns will radiate out through the organization.


Changing the way organizations look at leadership and creating key management pairs that lead powerfully together. Do you want to become an LX2 Power Pair?

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