Dan Mulhern

Dan Mulhern

Dan Mulhern is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of leadership and organizational culture. Mulhern has worked with a wide range of organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500, from government to non- profits. He has coached and presented at well-known companies like Ford, Google, and Facebook, but also delights in a strong practice with large non-profits like Goodwill of Greater Detroit, Americorps, and the Chicago Legal Aid Foundation. He has been a proud and committed public servant and currently works closely with a group of great women ascending to positions of governor, attorney general and senator.

In 2012 Mulhern began to shift his practice from individual coaching and team development to focus on the development of LeadingX2. Recognizing that the mainstream notion of “The” leader makes sense, and teams are surely critical to an organization’s success, experts and practitioners alike have leapt over the atomic unit – the dyad. Dan’s research demonstrates that LeadingX2 is pervasive, powerful and practicable, yet no one teaches us how to really build extraordinary partnerships! He researches and works closely with powerful dyads: both true Co-Founders or Co-Ceos, as well as dyads in which one reports to the other like a CEO and COO or President and Provost, but whose leadership can be powerfully synergistic. His current work is all dedicated to helping clients capitalize on the incredible power of LeadingX2.

Through his working as a public speaker, radio personality, writer, professor, leadership coach, and consultant, Mulhern has inspired thousands to lead with their best self. He received the Golden Apple Award, as the student-voted most exceptional teacher at UC Berkeley, and the Earl Cheit Award as outstanding undergraduate instructor at the Haas School of Business where he teaches leadership to graduate, undergraduate, and full-time executive students.

Author of Everyday Leadership: Getting Results in Business, Politics and Life; Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work; co- author A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Future

20 Years in executive coaching and executive team consultation

15 Years prior experience in leadership positions in government, non-profits, and business

Mulhern is an honors graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School.