The pandemic wears on. People get more restless with the abiding uncertainty, wrankling repetition, and worry. True in homes. True in nursing homes. True in cities and colleges. True for countries and the world. Money and health? Is anything more foundational for our well-being, and more worrisome when it’s threatened?

Although we don’t have physical antidotes, we do have social and psychological ones. And our superpowers are kindness and generosity.

Stories abound:

  • My friend Ken walks to his lunch spot once a week to pick up a meal. His bill is something like $18. He pays with a Ben Franklin.
  • Ken also knows his trash and recycle guys; he leaves them donuts every week.
  • My nephew and a brother of my sister-in-law played a Zoom concert for my mom.
  • A student of mine from last Fall sent me 100 masks from her home in China. Wow!
  • I know many people who are paying cleaning ladies and gardeners.
  • I “carry out” my ritual Saturday breakfast with my bride – a small way to support Nari and Molly and Paula, the great women who run the Diggery Inn.
  • My friend Dave sent us Zingerman’s sandwich ingredients, and we feasted on the “#79: Sparky Get Your Zing On.”

    #79 Sparky Get Your Zing On


  1. How can we up our generosity game to show the positive power of networks?
  2. Don’t hide your generosity.  Ken has taught me that. I’m so grateful that he shared his Ben Franklin move, and I have emulated it. I haven’t put last names in here, because I haven’t asked permission, but these are all real people doing their real thing!
  3. Share what you or others have done that’s inspired you in the Comments area.  (And if it’s not working: email me directly and I’ll share them!)

Lead with your best self!