Can You Help Me Help You

Can You Help Me Help You

October 29, 2018 News

I have felt confused and disappointed for the last three weeks,

when I wrote the 3-part series on how to clear the air with “I feel…when you…because” statements, and

when I did not get any comments from readers;

because I feel like this method offers so much value, yet your collective silence made me wonder whether it’s just not helpful-interesting, and

because I want to offer you value, but your silence made me feel like I am shooting into the darkness.

So, that was a recap of the last three weeks of Read2Lead and it is also an invitation for you to offer feedback on that series on “clearing the air,” and/or what you would like to read about in future posts.

Here are some topics that I have been thinking about, but I’d love to hear about your leadership pain, ambivalence, curiosity, or hope(s).

Possible topics:

  • A holiday reading list of classics and/or recent, good books on leading
  • A mini-review of good leadership-oriented books I’m reading
  • More on LX2 or Leading by Two
  • Thoughts on leading as American citizens in this unsettling time
  • Thoughts on “leading styles” – through the lens of Myers-Briggs
  • Thoughts on “leading styles” – through the lens of Daniel Goleman and the Hay Group
  • Leadership thoughts on the cultural gender gap that sometimes seems like it’s pulling our companies and our politics apart

So please look back to the series just ended, or look forward to what you’d like to read about (or use the new buttons at the bottom to signal your reaction). These are ways you can help me  – help you to lead with your best self.

I would gain FOCUS and ENERGY, if you would use the Comments to share feedback, because your opinions matter greatly to me.


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